$12 per gram | $40 per 8th | $80 per 1/4 | $150 per 1/2 | $265 per Ounce 

Wedding Cake On Sale!! $10 a gram

ask about our $100 & $200 ounces!

NIS~not in stock

** Product availability is subject to change ** 

GMO Cookies

Modified Grapes (NIS)

PNB Breath


Banana Punch (NIS)

Purple Punch

Fire OG (NIS)

Topanga Canyon

Wedding Cake

East Coast Sour D (NIS)

Bling Cherry (NIS)

Sunset Mac (NIS)

Zkittlez Cake(NIS)

09 Animal Cookies

Blue Cookies (NIS)

Triangle Kush(NIS)

Dosi Killer

Sundae Killer

Banana Killer

Wedding Pie(NIS)

Buck Eye Purple

Gelato 33


Mac 1 (NIS)

Cuvee Cookies

Orange Cookie(NIS)

Ice Cream Cake

Blue Sherbert

Gelatti (NIS)

Killer Cupcake(NIS)

Motor Breath

Lava Cake

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